Since 1995, Tzung Jin Co., Ltd. is specialized in machine elements design and manufacture. As a pioneer of automobile electric parts, we focus on car battery terminals, fuse holders, and power distributors. Our items are applied with hundreds of exclusive techniques patented in the United States, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. The products we provide are of the highest quality for our responsibility to the safety of drivers and environment.

Car Battery Terminals

For the best link between battery and electronics.

Car Audio Parts

For the highest quality to support the audio performance.



The quality of our products leads to stable electric current providing without overheat, short circuit, or fall off a break. Our products make better conditions to driving automobile.


All our brass parts are made of C3771 brass metal that is certificated by SGS with RoHS directive. The material is pure and doesn't cause toxic to the environment.

Patented Design

All our exclusive designs for the items are authoritatively patented by the US, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. The products we provide are unique to other brands but can be easily applied to general kinds of automobile.


As an expert in the automobile electric parts manufacturing for decades, we provide ODM, OEM, and other customized services for our clients.

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    No.2, Lane 51, Sec.1, Long-Shou St., Lu-Ju District, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan.